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Water, enriched

This water IAEA-609 reference material is one out of three similar materials enriched in both δ2H and δ18O (also see IAEA-607, IAEA-608) intended for calibration and quality control measurements on water samples enriched in δ2H and δ18O (e.g. bio-medical research).

The reference material IAEA-608 is supplied in quantities of 5 ml water in flame sealed glass ampoules. The limitation on sales of this material is set to four units of this material per laboratory per year.

All the details of preparation and calibration are given in the reference sheet.

Certified Reference values for δ2H and δ18O stable isotopic composition (vs. VSMOW-SLAP)

 Certified valueCombined standard uncertainty (1σ LEVEL)
δ2H16036.4 ‰1 ‰
δ18O1963.7 ‰2.2 ‰


Information values for δ17O stable isotopic composition *

 Information value *Estimated uncertainty (1σ level)
δ17O126.6 ‰2.2 ‰


*) The δ17O values in this table are derived from mass 45 data of CO2, and are therefore depending on additional factors like the 13C abundance. These δ17O values are therefore given for information purposes only. For the moment, the δ17O scale relies only on its zero point as defined by VSMOW and is not a normalized 2-point scale.


[1] FAGHIHI, V., VERSTAPPEN-DUMOULIN, B.M.A.A., JANSEN, H. G., VAN DIJK, G., AERTS-BIJMA, A. T., KERSTEL, E.R.T., GRÖNING, M., MEIJER, H.A.J., A new high-quality set of singly (2H) and doubly (2H and 18O) stable isotope labeled reference waters for biomedical and other isotope-labeled research, Rapid Commun. Mass Spectrom. 29 2015 311–321, (wileyonlinelibrary.com) DOI: 10.1002/rcm.7108. http://libweb.iaea.org/lib/epapers/2015/gro001.pdf

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Water, enriched


Water, enriched