Terms and Conditions for sale of IAEA reference materials

Limitations on number of units sold to individual laboratories

In order to conserve the stocks of certain reference materials, limitations have been placed on the number of units that can be ordered by a given laboratory within a certain period of time. The following restrictions apply: 

  • VSMOW2/SLAP2/GRESP - three units of each reference material set per laboratory per three years.
  • All other stable isotope reference materials, one unit of each reference material per laboratory per year 
  • Carbon-14 - one unit of each reference material per laboratory per year.
  • Radionuclides, trace elements and organic contaminants - five units of each material per laboratory per year.

Import/customs formalities

The customer is responsible for payment of all importation charges associated with the delivery of the IAEA Reference Materials or is responsible for paying the return shipment costs to the IAEA if such charges are refused.

Since problems have been encountered with the importation of reference materials into certain countries, customers are advised to check whether specific declarations (e.g. sterilization certificate) are required for customs regulations in force in their country. It is the responsibility of the customer to ensure that they have adhered to such national regulations. Failure to do so may result in lengthy delays at customs for which the IAEA can take no responsibility. The Agency will endeavour to provide such documentation as necessary to expedite the importation process.

For your information:

  • For our reference materials please use the global customs tariff number 3822.00 for declaration according ISO/Remco N952.
  • Most of the reference materials are sterilized according to: EN ISO 13485:2003+AC:2007 and ISO 11137:2006.
  • Certified reference materials for scientific use only. Country of origin is Austria.


Prices include shipment by DHL, or by air freight. Other means of shipment can be arranged upon special request, at the customer's expense (charges collect ).

Note: As a United Nations organisation, the IAEA is not liable for VAT nor does it charge its customers VAT on goods provided or for services rendered.


All invoices are prepared in EURO. Payments should only be made after receipt of the reference materials. Invoices are payable within 90 days following the dispatch date, by one of the following methods:

  • Bank transfer in Euro

Failure to make payment for the received material will result in the suspension of further sales of reference materials to all customers from the respective institute until payment is received.

Bank transfer to: Account Holder:
International Atomic Energy Agency
Wagramerstr. 5, A-1400 Vienna, AUSTRIA

Euro Account:
UniCredit Bank Austria AG
Vienna, Austria
IBAN : AT41 1100 0002 3757 1500

Important: The invoice number must be clearly identified on all forms of payment.

Acknowledgement of order and delivery time

The customer will be notified automatically by "no reply" e-mail. The usual delivery time is within three weeks after the receipt of order.

Contact us


If you have any questions, please contact us by e-mail: Analytical-Reference-Materials.Contact-Point@iaea.org