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​​​​International Chemical Safety Card (ICSC): ICSC_1488

IAEA-CH-7 is a secondary reference material. Its intended use is as calibrant when δ13C and δ2H are determined in organic materials using IRMS (Isotope Ratio Mass Spectrometry) coupled with an EA (Elemental Analyser) and Pyrolizer, for obtaining traceability of the data to the VPDB δ13C scale and VSMOW-SLAP δ2H scale, respectively.  

IAEA-CH-7 (formerly PEF-1) was prepared by H. Gerstenberger and M. Herrmann, Zentralinstitut für Isotopen- und Strahlenforschung, Leipzig, Germany [1].

Details about the characterization of IAEA-CH-7 are reported in [2] and [3].

Stable isotope ratioReference valueStandard uncertainty with k=1
δ13CVPDB  (‰)-32.150.05
δ2HVSMOW-SLAP (‰)-99.21.2


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