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Marine Sediment

Origin and preparation of the material

A marine sediment sample was collected in Han River estuary, South Korea. This sediment was freeze-dried, ground and sieved at 125 µm.

The sieved sediment obtained, around 26 kg, with a particle size of less than 125 μm was homogenized by mixing it in a stainless steel rotating homogenizer for three weeks. Then, aliquots of about 50 g were packaged into cleaned amber glass bottles with aluminium screw caps, labelled IAEA-459 and sealed with Teflon tape.

This certified reference material is intended to be used as a quality control material for the assessment of a laboratory’s analytical work, for the development and validation of analytical procedures, and for quality assurance within a laboratory in the determination of chlorinated pesticides, PCBs, polybrominated diphenyl ethers and polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons in sediment samples with very low concentration levels.

Certified mass fractions values
(based on dry mass)
Polycyclic Aromatic hydrocarbons


AnalyteUnitCertified value1Expanded uncertainty2
2-Methylnaphthaleneμg kg-115.55.0
1-Methylnaphthaleneμg kg-19.23.6
Acenaphthyleneμg kg-13.21.3
Fluoreneμg kg-14.71.9
Acenaphtheneμg kg-11.780.73
Dibenzothiopheneμg kg-19.41.8
Phenanthreneμg kg-133.96.0
Anthraceneμg kg-16.01.0
Fluorantheneμg kg-137.33.0
Pyreneμg kg-146.38.3
Benz(a)anthraceneμg kg-119.34.3
Chrysene+triphenylene μg kg-127.58.5
Benzo(b)fluorantheneμg kg-144.19.3
Benzo(b+j) fluorantheneμg kg-15915
Benzo(k)fluorantheneμg kg-119.05.3
Benzo(e)pyreneμg kg-13612
Benzo(a)pyreneμg kg-122.74.3
Indeno[1,2,3-c,d]pyreneμg kg-13611
Benzo(g,h,i)peryleneμg kg-13611


PCB congeners

AnalyteUnitCertified value1Expanded uncertainty2
PCB 28µg kg-12.270.56
PCB 31µg kg-12.410.60
PCB 44µg kg-11.720.64
PCB 49µg kg-12.640.40
PCB 52µg kg-12.380.67
PCB 66µg kg-13.100.81
PCB 87µg kg-11.240.17
PCB 101µg kg-13.780.43
PCB 105µg kg-11.290.31
PCB 110µg kg-13.700.68
PCB 118µg kg-12.980.39
PCB 128µg kg-10.620.11
PCB 138µg kg-13.250.89
PCB 149µg kg-12.880.51
PCB 151µg kg-10.660.18
PCB 153µg kg-13.750.66
PCB 156µg kg-10.3360.063
PCB 170µg kg-11.020.22
PCB 180µg kg-12.220.34
PCB 183µg kg-10.720.27
PCB 187µg kg-11.390.20
PCB 209µg kg-10.1990.067

Chlorinated pesticides

AnalyteUnitCertified value1Expanded uncertainty2
pp' DDEµg kg-13.600.48
pp' DDDµg kg-13.000.93
pp' DDTµg kg-11.320.52
op DDEµg kg-10.470.11
op DDDµg kg-10.750.27
op DDTµg kg-10.350.13

PBDE congeners

AnalyteUnitCertified value1Expanded uncertainty2
BDE 47µg kg-10.1770.060
BDE 99µg kg-10.2400.067
BDE 153µg kg-10.0970.022
BDE 183µg kg-10.2820.065
BDE 209µg kg-110.82.9

1) The value is the robust mean of accepted sets of data, each set being obtained by different laboratory. The certified values are reported on dry mass basis and are traceable to the SI.
2) Expanded uncertainty with a coverage factor k=2 2 Expanded uncertainty with a coverage factor k=2 estimated in accordance with the JCGM 100:2008 Evaluation of measurement data – Guide to the expression of uncertainty in measurement [1], corresponding to the level of confidence of about 95%.


Recommended and information values for mass fractions
Chlorinated pesticides, PCBs Congeners, Petroleum hydrocarbons
please consult Reference sheet (attached)
Please note that information values are not to be used for any assessment of analytical performance or similar; they are included to provide information about the expected mass fractions/concentration levels

The assigned values were established on the basis of statistically valid results submitted by laboratories to the IAEA Environment Laboratories.
The details concerning all reported results as well as the criteria for qualification as a certified, recommended or information value may be found in the respective report (attached).

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