Producing Laboratory: TERC

The IAEA-312 soil sample collected from the Sibolga area of northern Sumatra was donated by the Indonesian Atomic Energy Commission. The material was air dried and then ground to pass through a 0.18 mm sieve before being homogenized. After homogenization the material was dispensed into plastic bottles without any further processing. This material was γ-sterilized to ensure long-term stability of the material by inhibiting microbial action.

Reference date for decay correction: 1988-01-30
Recommended values for massic activities 
(based on dry mass)

AnalyteRecommended valueUnit95% Confidence interval
226Ra269Bq kg-1250 – 287
Th91.4mg kg-181.3 – 101.5
U16.5mg kg-115.7 – 17.4
The values listed above were established on the basis of statistically valid results submitted by laboratories which had participated in one or more international interlaboratory comparisons organized by the Chemistry Unit, IAEA Laboratories, Seibersdorf. The details concerning the criteria for qualification as a recommended value can be found in the respective report (attached).
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