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Sodium Chloride

ISL-354 is pure sodium chloride produced from seawater by Dr. Y. Xiao of the Quinghai Institute of Salt Lakes, Chinese Academy of Sciences, P. R. China [1]. ISL-354 is intended to be used in addition to NIST-SRM-975a sodium chloride as secondary reference material to span part of the range of the natural chlorine isotopic variability.


[#] value versus NIST-SRM-975. (SD) standard uncertainty at 1 sigma level


  1. XIAO, Y.K., ZHOU, Y., WANG, Q., WEI, H., LIU, W., EASTOE, C.J., A secondary isotopic reference material of chlorine from selected seawater, Chem. Geol. 182 (2002) 655-661.