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Producing Laboratory: TERC
Lake Sediment

The IAEA-SL-3 lake sediment was collected from the Neusiedlersee, located some 80 km south-east of Vienna, Austria. The material was collected directly from the top layer of the sediment using a mud pump and then coarse particle were removed in the field. After drying, the material was milled to give a particle size less than 71 μm. This material was γ-sterilized to ensure long-term stability of the material by inhibiting microbial action.

AnalyteValueUnit95% C.I.NR/I/C
Al24500mg/kg23300 – 257005I
As3.2mg/kg3.0 – 3.417R
Br5.6mg/kg4.8 – 6.416I
Ca111100mg/kg107200 – 1150009I
Ce45.5mg/kg43.8 – 47.214R
Cs1.38mg/kg1.24 – 1.5216I
Dy2.22mg/kg1.65 – 2.796I
Eu0.66mg/kg0.64 – 0.6814R
Hf9.1mg/kg8.5 – 9.718R
K8740mg/kg7910 – 95709R
La22.5mg/kg21.5 – 23.518R
Lu0.3mg/kg0.27 – 0.3312I
Mg27000mg/kg24600 – 294005I
Na6690mg/kg6360 – 702013I
Nd21.5mg/kg20.0 – 23.013R
Rb38.8mg/kg36.9 – 40.720R
Sb0.56mg/kg0.46 – 0.6615I
Sc3.91mg/kg3.64 – 4.1818I
Sm3.83mg/kg3.53 – 4.1316R
Sr470mg/kg450 – 49014R
Ta0.7mg/kg0.65 – 0.758I
Tb0.49mg/kg0.44 – 0.549I
Th7mg/kg6.5 – 7.521R
Ti2610mg/kg2300 – 29205I
U2.3mg/kg2.08 – 2.5213I
Yb1.89mg/kg1.77 – 2.0114I

(Value) Concentration calculated as a mean of the accepted laboratory means 
(N) Number of accepted laboratory means which are used to calculate the recommended or information values and their respective confidence intervals 
(R/I/C) Classification assigned to the property value for analyte (Recommended/Information/Certified)

The values listed above were established on the basis of statistically valid results submitted by laboratories which had participated in one or more international interlaboratory comparisons organized by the Chemistry Unit, IAEA Laboratories, Seibersdorf. The details concerning the criteria for qualification as a recommended or information value can be found in the respective report (attached).