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Producing Laboratory: TERC
Lake Sediment

The lake sediment material IAEA-SL-1 was collected and prepared by Drs. J.C. Richie and C. Cooper (US Department of Agriculture, Agricultural Research Service, USDA Sedimentation Laboratory, Oxford, Mississippi, USA) and donated to the IAEA. The sediment was collected at the Sardis Reservoir, Panola County, Mississippi, USA (water depth: 15 m). The material was dried in an oven, then ground and sieved. The fraction of the material which passed through a 0.1mm sieve was sent to the IAEA for further processing. This material was γ-sterilized to ensure long-term stability of the material by inhibiting microbial action.

AnalyteValueUnit95% C.I.NR/I/C
As27.6mg/kg24.7 – 30.524R
Ba639mg/kg586 – 69215R
Cd0.26mg/kg0.21 – 0.317I
Ce117mg/kg100 – 1348R
Co19.8mg/kg18.3 – 21.335R
Cr104mg/kg95 – 11334I
Cs7mg/kg6.1 – 7.920I
Cu30mg/kg24 – 3631I
Dy7.5mg/kg5.3 – 9.75I
Eu1.6mg/kg1.1 – 2.110I
Fe67400mg/kg65700 – 6910035R
Ga23.7mg/kg18.6 – 28.811I
Hf4.2mg/kg3.6 – 4.87I
Hg0.13mg/kg0.08 – 0.185I
K14500mg/kg12400 – 166007I
La52.6mg/kg49.5 – 55.726R
Lu0.54mg/kg0.41 – 0.6710I
Mn3460mg/kg3300 – 362034R
Na1700mg/kg1600 – 18005I
Ni44.9mg/kg36.9 – 53.911I
Pb37.7mg/kg30.3 – 45.120I
Rb113mg/kg102 – 12412R
Sb1.31mg/kg1.19 – 1.4315I
Sc17.3mg/kg16.2 – 18.416I
Se2.85mg/kg1.31 – 4.377I
Sm9.25mg/kg8.74 – 9.768I
Sr80mg/kg37 – 1237I
Ta1.58mg/kg1.00 – 2.166I
Tb1.4mg/kg0.94 – 1.867I
Th14mg/kg13 – 1518R
Ti5170mg/kg4740 – 560015R
U4.02mg/kg3.69 – 4.3515I
V170mg/kg155 – 18520R
Yb3.42mg/kg2.77 – 4.075I
Zn223mg/kg213 – 23326R

(Value) Concentration calculated as a mean of the accepted laboratory means 
(N) Number of accepted laboratory means which are used to calculate the recommended or information values and their respective confidence intervals 
(R/I/C) Classification assigned to the property value for analyte (Recommended/Information/Certified)

The values listed above were established on the basis of statistically valid results submitted by laboratories which had participated in one or more international interlaboratory comparisons organized by the Chemistry Unit, IAEA Laboratories, Seibersdorf. The details concerning the criteria for qualification as a recommended or information value can be found in the respective report (attached).