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Producing Laboratory: TERC

IAEA‑C6 Sucrose (its former name was “ANU Sucrose”) was originally prepared by H.A. Polach, by selecting a batch of 2 tons of cane sucrose, which was sealed in drums (20kg each) to serve as a secondary 14C standard [6] calibrated in relation to NBS Oxalic Acid I (HOxI). The material was originally available from the IAEA, the Australian National University ANU and the University of Arizona at Tucson. The recommended value of this quality control material is the result of the statistical evaluation of an interlaboratory comparison [1, 2].

Reference date for decay correction: 1991-01-01

Recommended value

14C activity
Estimated standard
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  1. ROZANSKI, K., Consultants' group meeting on 14C reference materials for radiocarbon laboratories. February 18-20, 1991, Vienna, Austria. Internal Report, IAEA, Vienna (1991).

  2. ROZANSKI, K., STICHLER, W., GONFIANTINI, R., SCOTT, E. M., BEUKENS, R. P., KROMER, B., VAN DER PLICHT, J., The IAEA 14C Intercomparison exercise 1990, Radiocarbon, 34 3 (1992) 506-519.