Producing Laboratory: MESL
Marine Sediment (Methyl Mercury)

The certificate for the IAEA-475 CRM is the only official source for the trace elements mass fractions certified values and their expanded uncertainties. 

AnalyteUnitCertified value⁽ᵃ⁾Expanded uncertainty⁽ᵇ⁾
Almg kg-172.4 x 1038.1 x 103
Asmg kg-112.61.2
Comg kg-112.360.83
Crmg kg-165.83.6
Cumg kg-127.82.2
Femg kg-134.2 × 1032.5 × 103
Hgmg kg-129.9 × 10-32.3 × 10-3
Limg kg-140.63.1
Mnmg kg-156646
Nimg kg-128.51.8
Pb mg kg-129.92.3
Sr mg kg-124915
Zn mg kg-1100.19.0

Information on calculation of certified values 

Certified values are calculated from the accepted data sets, each set being obtained by a different laboratory and/or a different method of determination following ISO Guide 35 [1] . 

(b) Information on method used for uncertainty estimation 
The uncertainty is expressed as a combined uncertainty with a coverage factor k = 2, corresponding to a level of probability 95%    level of confidence, estimated in accordance with the JCGM 100:2008 [2] and ISO Guide 35 [1]. . 

The assigned property values were established, considering the results reported by expert laboratories, participating in the characterisation campaign for the IAEA-475. The characterisation campaign was organised by the IAEA Environment Laboratories in Monaco.  The details concerning the production process and all reported results, as well as the criteria for the assignment of property values are presented in the certification report for the IAEA-475. 

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