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Producing Laboratory: MESL
Marine Sediment (Methyl Mercury)

A large quantity of marine sediment was collected in 2002 from the Algerian coast of the Mediterranean Sea for use as an intercomparison material. It was deep-frozen, freeze dried, then ground and sieved. The particle size fraction <250 μm was homogenized and bottled in clean plastic bottles. After confirming general homogeneity via a pre-test (results not reported here), the samples were rebottled by packing aliquots of approximately 20 g into cleaned, brown borosilicate glass bottles with Teflon lined screw caps and sealed in plastic bags. Approximately 500 bottles were produced.

AnalyteValueUnit95% C.I.NR/I/C
Ag0.133mg/kg0.127 - 0.1399R
Al78.2g/kg76.8 - 79.639R
As18.9mg/kg18.4 -19.457R
Ba268mg/kg241 - 2958R
Br67mg/kg55 - 799R
Cd0.153mg/kg0.145 - 0.16167R
Ce64.5mg/kg61.9 - 67.17I
Co12.9mg/kg12.6 - 13.265R
Cr136mg/kg134 - 13879R
Cs6.40mg/kg6.03 - 6.778R
Cu30.8mg/kg30.2 - 31.489R
Eu1.18mg/kg1.11 - 1.256I
Fe40.8g/kg40.3 - 41.372R
Hf3.66mg/kg3.44 - 3.885I
Hg0.168mg/kg0.164 - 0.17262R
K16.6g/kg13.7 - 19.67R
La33.7mg/kg31.4 - 36.08R
Li67.0mg/kg65.4 - 68.625R
Lu0.361mg/kg0.299 - 0.4234I
MeHg0.17mg/kg0.12 - 0.239R
Mg11.5g/kg11.1 - 12.019R
Mn316mg/kg312 - 32081R
Na13.5g/kg12.0 - 15.16I
Nd29.2mg/kg26.5 - 31.95I
Ni39.4mg/kg38.7 - 40.172R
Pb26.0mg/kg25.4 - 26.684R
Ru99.9mg/kg88.1 - 1128R
Sb1.96mg/kg1.89 - 2.0326R
Sc14.6mg/kg13.4 - 15.86I
Se0.78mg/kg0.70 - 0.8523R
Sm5.61mg/kg5.26 - 5.966I
Sn2.32mg/kg2.17 - 2.4723R
Sr302mg/kg296 - 30841I
Ta1.03mg/kg0.94 - 1.126I
Tb0.696mg/kg0.582 - 0.8105I
Th9.78mg/kg9.34 - 10.29R
U2.45mg/kg2.20 - 2.706R
V160mg/kg156 - 16436R
Yb2.24mg/kg2.03 - 2.455I
Zn101mg/kg99 - 10393R
Zr148mg/kg118 - 1784I

(N) Number of accepted laboratory means used to calculate the recommended or information values and their respective confidence intervals;
( (R/I/C) Classification assigned to the property value for analyte (Recommended/Information/Certified )

The values listed above were established on the basis of statistically valid results submitted by laboratories which had participated in an international interlaboratory comparison organized by the IAEA Marine Environment Laboratory, Monaco. The details concerning the criteria for qualification as a recommended or information value can be found in the report IAEA/AL/147 (attached).