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Producing Laboratory: MESL
Mussel Homogenate (Mytilus edulis)

A large batch of mussels (Mytilus edulis) was collected from the North Sea to be used as an intercomparison material. This material was freeze-dried and ground. It was further sieved through a 250 μm stainless steel sieve. The mussel powder fraction of particle size less than 250 μm was further homogenized by mixing in a rotating drum for two weeks. Then, aliquots of about 45 grams were packaged into glass bottles with aluminum screw caps and sealed with Teflon tape.

Recommended values (based on dry mass)

Pesticides and PCBs

AnalyteUnitConcentrationStandard deviationN*
pp' DDEng/g2.11.039
pp' DDDng/g0.880.4930
PCB No 49ng/g0.290.086
PCB No 70ng/g0.640.357
PCB No 101ng/g1.20.4924
PCB No 110ng/g1.120.410
PCB No 118ng/g1.090.4224
PCB No 138ng/g2.20.8431
PCB No 149ng/g1.40.4110
PCB No 153ng/g2.80.9931
PCB No 180ng/g0.20.1116

Petroleum Hydrocarbons

AnalyteUnitConcentrationStandard deviationN*
1 Methyl Phenanthreneng/g4.22.88
2 Methyl Phenanthreneng/g9.44.95
Benzo (b) Fluorantheneng/g4.81.710
Benzo (k) Fluorantheneng/g1.91.112
Benz (a) Anthraceneng/g3.83.124
Benzo (a) Pyreneng/g0.90.517
Benzo (e) Pyreneng/g4.51.711

* Number of accepted laboratory results which were used to calculate the recommended value and its standard deviation about the mean value.

Information values (based on dry mass)

Please note that information values are not to be used for any assessment of analytical performance or similar; they are included to provide information about the expected mass fractions/concentration levels

Chlorinated Pesticides

AnalyteUnitConcentrationStandard deviationN*
γ HCH (Lindane)ng/g0.580.5430
α HCHng/gng/g0.230.258
β HCHng/gng/g0.220.117
pp' DDTng/gng/g0.670.4625
op DDEng/gng/g0.620.645
op DDDng/gng/g1.82.74
op DDTng/g1.82.04
Heptachlor Epoxideng/g111812
α Endosulfanng/g4.03.611
β Endosulfanng/g1.82.011
Endosulfan Sulfateng/g1.81.38
α Chlordaneng/g0.250.16
γ Chlordaneng/g0.490.588
Cis Nonachlorng/g0.20.173
Trans Nonachlorng/g0.530.293
Aroclor 1254ng/g271716
Aroclor 1260ng/g161215

PCB Congeners

AnalyteUnitConcentrationStandard deviationN*
PCB No 8ng/g0.570.324
PCB No 18ng/g1.61.711
PCB No 28ng/g0.320.2618
PCB No 31ng/g1.01.0410
PCB No 44ng/g0.70.6810
PCB No 52ng/g1.21,223
PCB No 66ng/g0.380.164
PCB No 74ng/g0.130.034
PCB No 82ng/g0.110.083
PCB No 87ng/g0.270.114
PCB No 95ng/g1.10.798
PCB No 97ng/g0.310.164
PCB No 99ng/g2.12.47
PCB No 105ng/g0.50.3914
PCB No 128ng/g0.250.087
PCB No 141ng/g0.190.223
PCB No 146ng/g0.590.113
PCB No 151ng/g0.40.043
PCB No 156ng/g0.350.318
PCB No 158ng/g0.170.074
PCB No 167ng/g0.320.13
PCB No 170ng/g0.570.517
PCB No 174ng/g0.260.274
PCB No 177ng/g0.260.144
PCB No 183ng/g0.240.056
PCB No 187ng/g0.870.137
PCB No 189ng/g0.120.153
PCB No 194ng/g0.270.284
PCB No 195ng/g0.220.185

* Number of accepted laboratory results which were used to calculate the recommended value and its standard deviation about the mean value.

Petroleum Hydrocarbons

AnalyteUnitConcentrationStandard deviationN*
UVF equival. ROPME oilng/g1100049003
Total Aliphaticsng/g1000090005
Resolved Aliphaticsng/g18000200009
Unresolved Aliphaticsng/g38000430005
n - C17ng/g20014012
n - C18ng/g676811
Σ n-Alkanes (C14-C34ng/g4500480010
Total Aromaticsng/g300039008
Resolved Aromaticsng/g1500180010
1 Methyl Naphthaleneng/g8.89.53
2 Methyl Naphthaleneng/g14133

* Number of accepted laboratory results which were used to calculate the recommended value and its standard deviation about the mean value.

The values listed above were established on the basis of statistically valid results submitted by laboratories which had participated in an international interlaboratory comparison organized by the IAEA Marine Environment Laboratory, Monaco. The details concerning the criteria for qualification as a recommended or information value can be found in the report IAEA/AL/146 (attached).