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Producing Laboratory: TERC

The epiphytic lichen (IAEA-336) was collected from areas in Portugal remote from pollution sources. These areas included Gavião (center of Portugal), Ourique and Serra do Cladeirão (south of Portugal). The lichen was harvested from both the Cistus ladanifer and Quercus species of tree. About 25 kilograms were collected, separated from debris and other epiphytic lichen species by visual inspection, then washed in deionized water and oven-dried at 40 °C for 24 hours. The lichen was ground using a Teflon “Mikro-dismembrator” mill. The final material was passed through a 125 μm sieve and mixed in a rotating plastic drum. This material was γ-sterilized to ensure long-term stability of the material by inhibiting microbial action.

AnalyteValueUnit95% C.I.NR/I/C
Al680mg/kg570 - 79015I
As0.63mg/kg0.55 - 0.7117R
Ba6.4mg/kg5.3 - 7.511R
Br12.9mg/kg11.2 - 14.618R
Cd0.117mg/kg0.100 - 0.13414I
Ce1.28mg/kg1.11 - 1.4513R
Cl1900mg/kg1600 - 220013I
Co0.29mg/kg0.24 - 0.3419R
Cr1.06mg/kg0.89 - 1.2322I
Cs0.11mg/kg0.097 - 0.12313R
Cu3.6mg/kg3.1 - 4.121R
Eu0.023mg/kg0.019 - 0.0279I
Fe430mg/kg380 - 48035R
Hg0.2mg/kg0.16 - 0.2415R
K1840mg/kg1640 - 204024R
La0.66mg/kg0.56 - 0.7612R
Lu0.0066mg/kg0.0042 - 0.00905I
Mn63mg/kg56 - 7029R
Na320mg/kg280 - 36020R
Nd0.6mg/kg0.42 - 0.785I
P610mg/kg490 - 73012I
Pb4.9mg/kg4.3 - 5.523I
Rb1.76mg/kg1.54 - 1.9816I
Sb0.073mg/kg0.063 - 0.08312R
Sc0.17mg/kg0.15 - 0.1913I
S0.22mg/kg0.18 - 0.2612R
Sm0.106mg/kg0.092 - 0.12015R
Sr9.3mg/kg8.2 - 10.419R
Tb0.014mg/kg0.012 - 0.0167I
Th0.14mg/kg0.12 - 0.1616R
V1.47mg/kg1.25 - 1.698I
Yb0.037mg/kg0.025 - 0.0495I
Zn30.4mg/kg27.0 - 33.838R

(Value) Concentration calculated as a mean of the accepted laboratory means 
(N) Number of accepted laboratory means which are used to calculate the recommended or information values and their respective confidence intervals 
(R/I/C) Classification assigned to the property value for analyte (Recommended/Information/Certified)

The values listed above were established on the basis of statistically valid results submitted by laboratories which had participated in one or more international intercomparison exercises organized by the Chemistry Unit, IAEA Laboratories, Seibersdorf. The details concerning the criteria for qualification as a recommended or information value can be found in the respective report (attached).